worlds largest pumpkin

World's Largest Pumpkin

Roland’s Large Pumpkin is a tribute to one of Roland’s outstanding citizens and a long time member and supporter of 4-H. Known for his ability to grow large pumpkins, Edgar VanWyck made the Guinness World Book of Records for the largest pumpkin in 1977. In 2007, the Giant Pumpkin was refurbished through the generous donation of manpower and funding by the Hampton, Save-A-Landmark program.

Excerpt from the Hampton Website

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  • Location: NE 4-5-4 WPM, Roland, Manitoba, Canada

In Manitoba, Canada there’s one attraction that will never spoil – the Worlds Largest Pumpkin!

This specimen won’t be found in your local pumpkin patch – it’s a super-sized squash replica that weighs 1,684 pounds, stands 12 feet tall and measures 12 feet wide.  Constructed out of steel rods and covered in orange fiberglass, the Pumpkin was created in 1990 during the Roland Centennial in honor of Edgar VanWyck, the “Pumpkin King.”  The local legend is remembered for successfully landing his name – and the town – in Guinness Book of World Records for growing the largest pumpkin in the world. 

Planted just a short drive south of Winnipeg, this is a site that can’t be missed —for family picnics or a quirky fall photo-op.