Building Permits

Building Permits Must be obtained Prior to beginning construction for all buildings -- farm and residential. This includes all structures being erected, placed, altered, relocated, removed, or demolished. Demolition Permits are necessary to have the building removed from your assessed property.

Please contact the Municipality for Permit Applications.

Owners should also check the following before starting construction

Department Department Location Phone Number
Highway Access Dept of Highways, Carman 204-745-5471
Highway Traffic Board 203-301 Weston St, Wpg R3C 3H4 204-945-8912
Sewage Disposal Manitoba Sustainable Development 204-325-1750
Municipal Water & Sewer RM of Roland 204-343-2061
Plumbing Building Inspector (Rick Vandekerkhove) 204-299-8332
Approach, Culvert Permit RM of Roland 204-343-2061
Electrical Manitoba Hydro 1-888-624-9376
Hydro Call Before You Dig Manitoba Hydro 1-888-624-9376
Bell MTS Call for pre-wire Bell MTS 611
Bell MTS Call before you dig Bell MTS 1-800-940-3447
Soil Conditions Building Inspector (Rick Vandekerkhove) 204-299-8332
Precise Location of Buildings Surveyor Yellow Pages


Building Inspection Call List
It is your responsibility to call Rick Vandekerkhove at 204-299-8332, for the following inspections.

Please try to give 24 hours notice: however a minimum of 4 hours notice is required.

Office and inspection hours are Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

  • Site:
    • Soil, Boundaries, Heights
  • Deck:
    • Foundation
    • Framing
  • Garage:
    • Floor (rebar) (plumbing if necessary)
    • Framing
    • Final
  • New House:
    • Site (type of soil)
    • Foundation (rebar)
    • Backfill (Damp proofing; drain tile; rock)
    • Garage Floor (piers, insulations; grade beam, thickened edge)
    • Lower Plumbing
    • Framing
    • Upper Plumbing
    • Vapor Barrier, (after insulation is applied)
    • Final
  • Used House to Move In:
    • House Inspection
    • Foundation
    • Backfill
    • Lower Plumbing
    • Vapor Barrier (if necessary)
    • Final
  • Mobile Home:
    • Final; Safety, Sticker, Blocking, Smoke & CO Detector
  1. The building permit merely grants the privilege to complete the project at the location and as stated in the application. No departure shall be made from the approval plans or specifications unless written permission is obtained from this department.
  2. A building permit is necessary for all foundations, structural or plumbing changes.
  3. The responsibility of the municipality and its officials relates only to ensuring that construction meets the standards of the Manitoba Building Code and takes no responsibility for building products, workmanship or methods of construction. (These are the owner’s responsibility.)