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Roland has earned international fame as the Home of 4-H. The cairn on the Municipal Hall grounds and the Museum in the former Royal Bank building identify Roland as the Home of Canadian 4-H. In 1913 the Manitoba Department of Agriculture organized several boys and girls clubs, the first being in Roland. The cairn commemorates the 50th anniversary of 4-H. The Museum opened in 1990 and records the story of this very important part of Canadian Agriculture.

Artefacts date from 1913 to the present. Memorabilia consists of banners, trophies, uniforms and project books from Ontario to B.C. and from as far south as Wisconsin, USA.

A large replica of the stamp issued by Canada Post for the 75th anniversary of 4-H hangs in the foyer of the museum. Programs for the future include the exchange of traveling displays with other Manitoba museums.

Museum Hours

  • Open July and August
  • Monday - Friday: 1:00pm to 4:00pm
  • or by appointment

call: (204) 343-2061
email: rol4hmus@mts.net